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Octal‑ST Conveyors & Elevators

Our Octal-ST Conveyors & Elevators efficiently transport produce. The belt runs on a slat bed with raised edges.


Our brand new Octal-ST Conveyors & Elevators transport produce efficiently to different parts of your line.

Produce is fed on to the conveyor or elevator and is transported in the direction of belt motion. The belt runs on a low-maintenance, troughed slat bed for a smooth and even motion. Return drums help with belt tension and also make sure there is no belt slippage.

The belt is raised at the sides (troughed) to suit dirty produce. The raised sides mean that dirt stays on the belt and does not get into internal parts.

Elevators have 50mm cleats along the belt so they can transport produce to different heights.


A Belt with raised edges (troughed) Good for dirty produce. Dirt is kept on the belt and does not get into internal parts.
B Backstop* Prevents produce roll-back.
C Fully covered bearings Safe operation.
D Outfeed transition* Easy and convenient for manual waste disposal.
E Urethane drums Longer life than steel drums; no pitting or rust.
More grip than steel drums.
F Fully supported belt edges Safe. Less produce loss or jamming.
G Slat bed Very low maintenance.
H Modular design Flexibility during installation.
Allows for modifications at a later date.
Can be supplied flat-packed to save on cost and freight.
I Seamless return rollers Smooth operation. Long life.

* Optional

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