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WDX Barrel Washer

Wyma’s Barrel Washer gently and effectively washes fresh produce while removing soil and small stones.


Our WDX Barrel Washer effectively and gently washes fresh produce while removing soil and small stones. Produce can be partially or fully submerged during washing.

The WDX has the largest barrel diameter of all the Wyma Barrel Washers so it can handle large volumes of produce. Produce enters through the infeed chute which is above the tank rim, allowing maximum produce fill level.

As the perforated barrel rotates, vegetables rub against each other and against the barrel for a gentle clean. Auger blades provide increased produce churning for vigorous cleaning.

Soil and debris collect in the hoppers underneath the barrel. Dump valves regularly clear debris build-up. Cleaning bars can be fitted to rinse the inside of the barrel.

The outfeed elevator allows you to choose the outfeed height for your produce and it provides gentle handling. The outfeed scoop model has a set outfeed level but is a low maintenance option.


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