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Cyclone Destoner

Our Cyclone Destoner gently separates stones from produce, using the differing densities between the two.


Our Cyclone Destoner gently separates stones from produce.

Produce and stones are fed into a moving well of water in the Cyclone Destoner cone. Produce stays near the water surface and exits via an outfeed flume.

Stones are more dense than produce, so they fall through the water to the bottom of the cone. From there, a stone elevator carries them to a chute for disposal.

The Cyclone Destoner allows more settling time than a Flume Destoner, making it suitable for stones with flat surfaces that may slow down their descent. It has a larger footprint than a Flume Destoner, but also provides the advantage of produce pre-soak.

It is particularly good for carrots.


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