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Vibrating Length Sizer

Our Vibrating Length Sizer accurately sizes long produce prior to packaging.


Our Vibrating Length Sizer sizes long produce prior to packaging.

Produce is fed onto the sizer bed which is made up of corrugated channels. The bed vibrates to spread produce across its width. Produce moves into the corrugated channels and moves towards the outfeed. As produce moves forward, a series of adjustable openings allow short produce or pieces to fall through while longer produce bridges the opening and continues on.

The Wyma Vibrating Length Sizer can separate up to four sizes: three through the adjustable openings and the longest size exiting at the outfeed. Opening sizes can be easily changed using adjusters on each side of the machine.

Two eccentric vibrating motors shake the sizer at an adjustable speed. Small vibrations are best so produce does not bounce. The bed is mounted on springs to isolate the vibrations.

Optional cross conveyors can be used to carry sized produce to another stage in your line. Conveyors are placed under the adjustable openings.


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