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Refrigerated Bunker Hopper

Wyma’s Refrigerated Bunker Hopper gently receives produce in water, where it is stored at a controlled temperature.


Our Refrigerated Bunker Hopper gently receives and stores produce in water. Produce is stored at a controlled temperature prior to packaging, eliminating the need for boxes/bins.

Our experienced design engineers customise your Bunker Hopper refrigeration to suit the temperature you want your outfeed produce to be. Sensors inside the bunkers measure water temperature.

Flumes or conveyors gently carry produce to the bunker. Jets of water in the base of the bunker move produce towards the outfeed elevator. Speed controlled outfeed elevators carry produce to the next stage in your line.

The Refrigerated Bunker Hopper can also be used for dry storage. Produce is loaded in wet then water is removed from the tank via pump.

This system is a great time-buffer. Produce can be stored overnight or over the weekend so you can start processing when you are ready.




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