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Creep Feed Hopper

Our Creep Feed Hopper receives, stores and conveys dirty produce that has a high level of dirt and clods.


Wyma’s Creep Feed Hopper is a dry hopper. It receives wet or dry produce with a high level of dirt and clods (from storage of from the field). It allows for fast unloading and changeover time without starving your line of produce. Provides produce buffering.

Bulk produce can be unloaded from a truck or bin tipper straight into the Creep Feed Hopper. A conveyor moves produce slowly to the outfeed end. This slow feed means an even flow of produce to the rest of your processing line.

Hopper angle and infeed height will be chosen to suit your needs.

With Wyma Electrical Controls, the conveyor speed automatically adjusts to maintain an even-flow to your line.



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